An event is more than a collection of sights and sounds. More than logistics and project management.

An event is a story. It’s your story, live and in-person, in real-time.

Maqnifique is a collection of creatives and events specialists dedicated to building a unique and memorable story experience—producing events that inspire, motivate and move.

What we do

Maqnifique Events & Production emphasis is on customer satisfaction. Our established systems and processes ensure a seamless flow of work from beginning to end.

Our team of professionals has hands-on experience in their respective practice areas so that we can successfully match our client’s expectations. Magnifique team consists of experienced professionals who are flawless and precise all the time, each time.

How we do it

Planning, designing and managing hundreds of conferences, events, parties and incentive trips since 2000 gives the Maqnifique Events team a unique skillset and a seasoned, professional approach to creating experiences that consistently surpass expectations.

Our process delivers projects on time and on budget, while minimizing stress for our clients.